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IN SEARCH OF AX ARTIST                               111
-   The second class consists in an equally slavish imitation of the
French impressionists up to Renoir.
We need not concern ourselves at &11 with the second class.
But we must concern ourselves wich the first, for we shall meet
it all over InSia. Time and again we shall find the artists of
young ludia staring fixedly into the past. For them the sun never
rises, it only shines as a distant gleam in the gold of the Ajanta
draperies. This is a very significant fact; there is food for thought
in the spectacle of these young dreamers. They are, of course,
fiercely nationalist; they are always shouting 'forward,9 and they
are always looking back.
There is something to be learnt from this phenomenon. We
shall best learn it by leaving Bombay and taking the train to-
We have chosen Hyderabad because of all the states in India
* it is the one where we might most reasonably expect the young
artist to get a square deal.
It is as large as France ; it is * progressive'; it is very prosperous.
Its ruler, the Nizam, is notoriously the richest man alive. The
value of his jewellery alone has been estimated at 300,000,000.
His personal holding of gold bullion is so enormous that if he
were to invest it he would cause an economic earthquake through-
out the world. He is reputedly 'enlightened,' and though a con-
stitutional monarch he has great personal power.
Moreover, around the sun of His Exaked Highness revolves a
positive constellation of minor social planets ; palaces in Hydera-
bad city are as common as tobacco kiosks in Paris; and as if this
were not enough, there is a considerable intelligent^ia, whose
members flutter hi and out of the salon oi the sparkling Mrs.
Naidu, ex-President of Congress, and one of Gandhi's closest
1 The only possible exception lo this survey is the J. J. School of Art, Bombay.
"However, every tiling gooa la it happens to be British. Its principal, C&arlea
Gerrard, is nunseli a, distinguished aruist, and occasionally hypnotizes ins pupils
into following ais lead. Uoria Uerrard, nia wile, 13 a bcoi^ue^s 01 geniuss, completely
wasted in India.